Devon Point Farm Fundraiser

Visit Devon Point Farm Saturday September 30th! 10% of all sales will be donated to the Woodstock Middle School Playground! Pick pumpkins from the patch, select beautiful mums and gourds, enjoy delicious cider doughnuts and apple cider, and much more! The spinner bowl will also be available for kids and adults to try out! Thank you Patty & Erick Taylor!

Screen Shot 2017-09-21 at 12.14.46 AM


Thank you to our Sponsors!

Updated September 8th, 2017: The Woodstock Middle School Playground Committee would like to acknowledge and thank our sponsors so far. We are grateful to the individuals, families, and the following organizations and businesses who have donated so far:

  • Fiberoptics Technology
  • Foster Corporation
  • Gerardi Insurance
  • Giant Pizza
  • LeBoeuf Rubbish Removal, Inc.
  • Linemaster Switch
  • New Leaf Foundation
  • Northwood Childcare
  • Price Chopper
  • Putnam Chrysler Kia
  • Rogers Corporation
  • Soleil & Suns Bakery
  • Sweet Evalina’s Stand
  • The Crossings Restaurant & Brew Pub
  • Wonderland Comics
  • Woodstock Lions Club

We are currently over 41% of the way to our fundraising goal, and have identified a small number of grants we are in the process of applying for. We are also preparing to reach out and contact local businesses.

Every little bit helps! If 1,000 contributors donate $60 each, we can build the playground in the spring of 2018. You can make it a monthly tax-deductible gift of just $6 a month for ten months. Together we can make this happen!

Benefits to Sponsors

Free Publicity

  • All donations of $100 or more will be listed on a donor board, which will be installed near the playground.
  • The Playground Committee will run at least 2 advertisements thanking and listing our donors in local papers.
  • We will send press releases out to local newspapers listing our donors when the playground is built.
  • We will use our playground blog and the PTO website and Facebook page to publicly thank our donors.
  • All donors will be invited to the ribbon cutting ceremony, where they will be acknowledged and thanked.

Community Events

The Woodstock Middle School Playground Committee is looking forward to sharing information about this project with our community at local events. A spinner bowl will be on hand for children and adults to try out. We will be available to answer questions, collect donations, and talk about the equipment we are fundraising for.

Check out this video of a grandmother trying out the Spinner Bowl:

Look for us at these local events:

Saturday April 22nd Woodstock Little League Opening Ceremonies 9:00 am

Saturday April 29th Hale YMCA Healthy Kids Day 3:00-6:00 pm

Saturday May 6th Jog with Judy 10 am

Thursday May 18th WMS Art Show and Ice Cream Social

Friday May 19th WES Art Show and Ice Cream Social

Monday May 29th at the Woodstock Common for the 10K race and Memorial Day parade

Thursday June 1st Dine for a Cause at The Crossings in Putnam

June 2nd First Friday in Putnam

Saturday June 3rd & Sunday June 4th Woodstock Lions Club Craft Fair at Roseland Park

Friday June 9th Family Fun Night

Saturday June 10th Woodstock Academy Festival on the Commons 10:30-2:30

Saturday June 10th Woodstock Town-wide Tag Sale (we will be at the town hall)

Sunday June 11th NOW Touch a Truck event Thompson Motor Speedway

More events will be added soon…..

Kompan Supernova

The Supernova works as a product for individual, competitive or cooperative play by harnessing the effects of gravity with a unique slanted ring configuration. When one child engages the Supernova, the product reacts to their movements and multiple games can occur, such as attempting to reach the top while the ring rotates to send you back to the bottom. Each additional child causes a change in the dynamics of the product such that children can operate the rotational speed and direction by moving relative to each other; the more children, the more fun. The combination of social interaction and movement makes the Supernova the biggest attraction on the playground.

Kompan Spica

The Spica is a uniquely designed piece of rotating play equipment. Experimentation is needed to master the Spica and control its speed. First, a child steps onto the triangular plate and pushes off with their foot. Then they discover that as they use their arms to pull their body toward the support handle, they move faster! As they move their center of gravity away from the handle, they slow down! The Spica is one of Kompan’s most popular pieces of equipment. It doesn’t take up a lot of space, and more than one child may play on it simultaneously.

The Woodstock Middle School playground will feature two of these, with slightly different pole shapes that react in different ways to the body movements of the children.

WMS Playground Benches

Screen Shot 2017-04-08 at 10.19.10 PM

Our plans call for four benches to be installed around the perimeter of the playground. These benches are designed to be low maintenance and built to last, using materials such as hot dip galvanized steel and high quality hardwood. Between purchase price and installation, each playground bench will cost approximately $648. I am happy to announce that one of these benches has already been sponsored by a family in Woodstock.

Donation plaques stating who donated the bench or in whose memory the bench is dedicated will be affixed to each piece. If your family, business, civic or other group would like to sponsor one of the three remaining benches, or another piece of equipment, please select Contact in the menu bar to send me a message.




Kompan Explorer Dome

The Explorer Dome is a 13′ tall climbing structure that is the centerpiece of our playground. This climbing net structure is designed to appeal to children’s imaginations; there are no prescribed climbing routes to the top. Various ropes and bridges encourage children to stretch, jump, sway, balance, hang and twist. This structure is designed to be played on and climbed from top to bottom.

The Corocord ropes use a patented induction process that fuses the braid to the steel-wire center, which creates permanent strength and a soft, comfortable grip. The first climbing structure built with Corocord, in Berlin 40 years ago, has never needed the original ropes replaced.

Enjoy the video, and notice the spinner bowl in the lower right corner being used as well.

WMS Playground Update

I am so excited to share with you that we are 16% of the way to our fundraising goal! Officially we haven’t even begun our planned fundraising drives. This month we have been securing letters of support and planning fundraising events to take place over the next several months.

During our fundraising campaign, families, individuals, and businesses will have the opportunity to donate to the playground fund directly, or to sponsor the purchase price and installation cost of a piece of equipment.

To date, we have both direct donations and two pieces of equipment sponsored. A family has pledged to sponsor one of the spinner bowls, and another family has pledged to sponsor the large hanging bridge that will be on the playground!


Step 3: Board and Commission Meetings

December and January meant meeting with various town and school boards and commissions. For this idea to go from research to reality, we needed the permission and support of the Board of Selectmen, Board of Education, the Planning & Zoning Commission, and more.

PTO President Jen Beams and I presented the WMS playground idea and were met with overwhelming support. We discussed the research, proposed location, concerns, and more. We shared 2D and 3D drawings of what the playground could look like.

Please note in the photo above, that busses no longer park in the WMS back parking lot. This is now used for car rider drop-off and pick up lines at the beginning and end of the day. You can clearly see the four square lines painted on the blacktop. This is where WMS students currently spend recess. The blue square shows the proposed playground location, a relatively flat piece of land near the volleyball court.